Sunday, March 15, 2009

How-to: Recycle a pointed nib

If you are into recycling, here's a handy little tip to make the most of a well-loved pointed nib. Rather than discarding your worn pointed nib once the sharpness and crispness of fine lines is a "thing-of-the-past", grab a small pair of metal cutting pliers, and gently cut a small portion from the end of the tines at the point. The cut can be made straight or on a slight angle ( is the perfect opportunity to cut an angle that suits you most!)

(pop the nib in a holder for greater stability when cutting)

Sharpen your newly fashioned chisel style nib with an Arkansas stone, crocus cloth or very fine wet/dry sandpaper, gently honing edges. Fit or fashion a reservoir to suit. When using, keep in mind that the flexibility of the pointed nib will a softer touch may be needed.

(sharpening using an Arkansas stone)

photos by Julie

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