Saturday, September 4, 2010

farr out!

meet Jane Farr – Amercian calligrapher and blogger from 'A Place to Flourish'

Jane commenced blogging at 'A Place to Flourish' almost exactly the same time we set up calligraffia (early 2009), and I've got to say I've been enjoying her posts (mostly from afar) ever since! I think what I like best about Jane's blog is her extensive and exciting links to calligraphers blogs (go to her blog and you'll see what I mean!) and her generosity and humility as a calligrapher and blogger - something I think you'll notice is evident throughout her posting.

Sooooo I asked Jane to share a bit about her blogging experiences and some advice for blogging beginners (and blogging old hands).....

here's Jane:

I think the most interesting and rewarding experience that blogging has provided me is the people I have met and the friendships I have formed. I am continually surprised and encouraged by the emails I receive from people that have stumbled upon my blog. The blogosphere has made calligraphy a much less solitary occupation for me. I have even been fortunate to meet some of my blogs followers. These are people with which I have much in common but probably would never have met if it weren’t for A Place to Flourish. Many of my readers don’t have access to a local, calligraphy guild or to calligraphy classes, workshops, etc., so I try to include posts about what I’m learning. Another interesting thing: If I forget to mention in my post what nib I used, I generally get one or two emails asking “What nib did you use?!”

Before launching my blog, I read the book “Clear Blogging” by Bob Walsh He shares a wealth of information, but I found his following tips to be especially helpful and true:

* Own your words. Be yourself, be genuine, be human.
* Cite your sources and always provide the link.
* Stick to a schedule. Whether you post once per month or once per day, stick to it. Let readers know if you’ll be absent from posting.
* Focus. Can you explain in ten words or less what your blog is about? You should.
* Write for your readers. Spell and grammar check. Short posts are good.
* Use photos to make your posts more interesting.
* Be active. Post comments on other blogs and link to other blogs.
* Share what you are learning.

Although there are still so many things I want to do and try, blogging has definitely helped me grow and flourish as a calligrapher.

Drop by 'A Place to Flourish' or Jane's alternate blog 'Wedding Calligraphy by Jane Farr' for more calligraphic and blogging gems.

**pics reproduced with permission of Jane Farr - please read our copyright policy