Monday, May 16, 2011

Newest Calligraphic Book!!

Much excitement this week....
Yves Leterme's much awaited book
"Thoughtful Gestures"
is now available for purchase!

Renowned throughout the calligraphic world for his expressive gestural writing and stunning gesso and pure pigment works, Yves' new book presents a reflection of his thoughts and skills, along with discussions of the technical and philosophical aspects of the making of his personal artwork. Yves also presents a selection of his commercial work and projects, including bodypainting, murals and works on fabric.

Yves is delighted with the results after months of writing and editing...and we are sure to be delighted as well!

Yves is in charge of the distribution of his books, which are now happily smiling at him in his garage....and if you are dying to lay your hands on a copy of 'the' book that will finally complete your can find all the important ordering info on his website.

Friday, March 18, 2011

a bloggy presence...

Great news for all you blog enthusiasts - Yves Leterme - one of my favourite calligraphers (and I suspect a fav amongst many of you too) - has recently established a blog of his calligraphic wanderings/ wonderings...

(click on either the pic or the title above to be magically transported to the blog - and enjoy!)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

welcome to the future

I have just seen the face of the future - and its name is 

go now


(try to resist signing up.... I dare you!)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

apologies for the interruption...

I do hope you'll all forgive a tiny sideways intrusion
of my personal stuff in this arena 

tomorrow evening my solo exhibition
'codex interruptum' the interrupted book
is opening ....

(click for a bigger view)

which in part explains why I've been quiet in here!

its been KRAZY KRAZY with work work work at my place

(and if you don't believe me you can follow the full story
by checking in to my main bloggy place...)

I hope that I'll be able to bring a few more
calligraphic gems in the next while 
(including an update 'gem'..... on our very own Gemma Black)

but first I have to do the arty schmooze!

(wish me luck)