Tuesday, August 24, 2010

more blogs!

Ready for some more calligraphy blogs?  well go get yourself a cuppa because I've got a big bunch to share with you today! Indeed they all come from a big land...... yep you guessed it - calligraffia is shining its blogging spotlight on the very big U*S*A..... and with so many spectacular american calligraphers with blogs it's going to take more than one post to show what we've gathered*

hope you enjoy these first pickings - (don't forget to click on the pic or the linked blog name to head off to the blog mentioned)

'Ink flourishes' is the blog of Heather Victoria Held....  

"I am a freelance calligrapher specializing in ornamental penmanship and offhand flourishing. I live in a small village in Ontario, about an hour west of Toronto. I have been happily married to my best friend Chris for nearly 23 years and we have a precious daughter Holly who is completing her university education. I have studied extensively with Master Penman through the organization Iampeth and the Spencerian Saga. I am currently an active member of the Hamilton Calligraphy guild. If I am not working with the pointed pen, I am studying medieval and renaissance illumination techniques. I love to spend time alone in the studio working on my art. It is a very spiritual activity for me."


custom-lettering is the place you'll find 
Alan Ariail a.k.a. Alphabetguy
"Custom lettering is an art from I have been involved with commercially for over 25 years. My lettering has been used for a variety of consumer packaging and advertising. All the lettering I create is drawn by hand with pencils, markers, ink pens and brushes. Finished art is produced in digital format. I started this blog to show examples of rough lettering concept sketches including some finished art. My goal has always been to make lettering both readable and unique. "


'in good spirit'... blog of Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

"in good spirit chronicles my explorations in art both past and present. As I record the discoveries and learn from the lessons in my journey, I hope that they may be of some use in yours."


 idreamofletters belongs to Danae Hernandez
"My love of fine lettering began at the age of 12! The beauty of seeing clean swirling lines dancing across an ordinary sheet of paper simply enthralled me. I have been self-taught for the most part, learning from books and techniques of master calligraphers who gave life to the incredible art of calligraphy back in the "Golden age of Penmanship." I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to follow my artistic passions, while staying with my little ones. From my home based-studio, along with my trusty mac and countless bottles of inks and nibs, I create custom designs for wedding stationery, often combining calligraphy with illustrations and watercolored paintings. Here, I highlight my recent artwork and any other little inspirations I come across... I love sweet stationery, lovely decor, thoughtful typography, handmade beauty and unique finds."

 'jan calligrapher' is the the blog moniker of Jan Kruger

"I am a strong woman with a tender heart. I am blessed with a wonderful, funny husband who makes me laugh every day. He takes such great care of me. Things I love, my family and friends first of all; praying, reading, thinking, calligraphy and creating art. I loved being a mom to small children and teenage children and now am grandmother to 6 adorable grandchildren. I am a lover of almost everyone and a good friend!"


'lisa letters' = lisa engelbrecht!

"a rough compendium of the many things I'm into-from Letters, fabric, graffitti and tattoo lettering-thats at this moment!"


and you get no points for guessing 'The Randall M. Hasson Blog'
is indeed the blog of Randall M. Hasson!

"I am a visual artist and calligrapher who works with large format paintings that combine calligraphy and image. I talk about these subjects at http://blog.randallmhasson.com I post recipes and things of that sort at FeastForThePalette.blogspot.com."


and here's a few short and sweet others you might like to check out:

 Cindy Yount  - "I am a lettering artist with 25 years experience in calligraphy and the related arts, as well as a background in graphic design. My passions include creating unique, hand lettered gifts and artists books, with uplifting, colorful, nature inspired themes. Custom requests are always welcome."

 thegingerparasol is Dana Cochran - "I do what I love … "

and the blog with my favourite 'about me' intro....  

extraordinaryletterforms - blog home of David Ogden - "Slingin' ink since 1991"

if your favourite blog hasn't been featured yet-  fear not - we're getting there!

* calligraffia has gathered a screen shot of chosen blogs and are displaying them (and the written information) under fair use  of copyright - each pic is hyperlinked to the blog itself so click the pic to be whisked off to the blog shown - all information posted on calligraffia is a direct quote from the 'profile' or 'about me' section on the blog page.