Sunday, March 29, 2009

coming up soon - meet the team

Over the next short while, amongst some other exciting tidbits, we will be introducing all the folk behind the scenes here at calligraffia – currently the 'we' consists of 3 Australians: Gemma Black of Canberra, Julie-Ann Williams of Sydney, and me – Rhonda Ayliffe (aka 'Ronnie'), from the glorious and well-known artistic centre of the universe.... Sams Creek.

We are separated from one another by many hundreds of kilometres and over the years have developed a (mostly) long distance, email-based friendship (I think we were last all in the same room together almost 3 years ago...).We are all Guild Members of the ASC (Australian Society of Calligraphers) and whilst we each have our own artistic predilections, we have a long-standing shared passion and commitment to all things calligraphic.

But you'll gather that as you get to know us better.... here's just a hint of who you'll learn about first with some Batarde....

..... by the lovely Julie-Ann Williams....

oh and this is probably the best time for me to say – don't forget to let us know of any 'news, views, reviews, or how-tos' to share here at calligraffia – perhaps you'd like to slide in a guest posting? just drop a line to our email (see it in the top left hand corner) and we'll see what magic we can weave...

hope to hear from you soon.

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