Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Welcome to blog review number two!

We had lovely feedback from our extended interview with Alice Young  from  Contemporary Calligraphy - thanks to everyone who commented/ emailed/ dropped a note in cyberscribes.... it was much appreciated

Now on with the show - we mentioned in our initial call-out for blogs to profile* here on calligraffia, that if you send it in (and it is indeed a blog primarily featuring calligraphy) WE WILL SHOW IT! 

So in future posts you'll see a wonderful variety of large and small calligraphy blogs - in mostly short and sweet posts - today we're going to share a site that some of you may have seen - but it's one that we thoroughly endorse - it's..... (drum roll please)

and here is the blog author Mike Warner to describe what it's all about......

"Long ago (just before the start of the Iraq war) and far away (in California), Thomas Ingmire pulled together an art installation called “Words for Peace.” It has had several replications over the years as a strong anti-war statement in art and calligraphy on a simple 5”x20” piece of paper. Actually – hundreds of them. Well, Thomas gave myself and the Genesee Valley Calligraphy Guild (Rochester, NY) permission to mount a like installation. Hence our blog …

The Blog has been like a friend I could talk to and share my excitement with about the project. I think it was a while before I realized that folks were actually reading it. It’s a place to explain why I’m doing this. Who I am. I was accused of being a 20 something anti-war radical. Nah. I’m an old and grizzled Vietnam era veteran with a heart for Peace and a distaste for conflict with no reason. It’s the end of March (2010) and I’ll start posting the photos of the broadsides that are flowing in from all over the world. Visit our Blog. Contribute to the installation. Details are in the second part of the November 10th posting. BTW There is no deadline – we’ll accept whatever is sent in –whenever – and add it on.

Mike Warner"

Now the last post on the site is dated April 2010 - so I'm unsure of future plans (or whether indeed the project has run its course) - but one of the persistent features of blogs and blogging is that even when events have been and gone - there is a virtual residue of their passing in the form of a blog post remainder/reminder......

* there is no deadline for sending in blogs to profile on calligraffia - please feel free to send us your suggestions at any time - all we ask is that it is a BLOG (not website), is in English, and primarily features calligraphy.

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