Saturday, March 13, 2010

blogging best...

Over the following year we are planning to post a series of reviews and links to blogging calligraphers and calligraphy blogs. If you have or know of a great blog that prominently features calligraphy in its posts – well you need to let us know about it!

You can nominate your own blog or tell us about one you've stumbled over – it can be new or established, feature traditional or contemporary, amateur or professional work, by individuals or groups, from any point of the globe*

Basically - it just needs to feature calligraphy. Over the coming 12-18 months we will intermittently feature blogs that YOU nominate (if it fits the guidelines, we will post it) and then we will also add featured blogs to a blog link page

we hope you'll all enjoy being a part of this evolving project

here's how to get involved
please email us the following information (or as much of it as you know...):

BLOG URL: (that's the blogs web address - this is essential!)



BRIEF DESCRIPTION of the BLOG: (eg: in a few words tell us about the contents and focus of the blog – the type of calligraphy featured and whatever info you feel sums up what viewers will find when they visit)


YOUR NAME/CONTACT EMAIL (this will only be used for the purpose of verification and will not be used for any other purpose)

soooooo let's get going people – tell us about your favourite blogs today (you can send multiple blogs if you can't choose a favourite!) and let us tell the wwworld!

* only blogs in English or with translation will be featured in this initial review.


  1. Well - I'll send you an email then, when I spend a bit more time getting some more calligraphy on the blog. Hmm - started a blog to inspire through words, now spend more time writing them on the blog than painting them onto wood... No mind. Wonderful idea! (from an Aussie 'novice calligrapher' in France

  2. please do ange!

    (ps I know what you mean about the blog becoming the main creative outlet!)