Friday, September 18, 2009

coming soon...

Any time now our first guest blogger is about to arrive at calligraffia HQ - and we think you are going to just love what he is going to share.

As a hint you can check out his website

are you excited yet? - well you won't have to wait long.


  1. apologies all for the delay - our guest blogger has been swamped by real life workload and is having trouble getting to calligraffia HQ

    hopefully he'll arrive soon - in the meantime we are hopeing to bring you another 'interivew' of sorts - stay tuned....

  2. Looking forward to meeting him. Have just found you. I'm an Aussie calligrapher in France.

  3. thanks for dropping by ange

    and I HAVE hoped that we could have posted something from graham before now.... but you know the tale about all good things...