Wednesday, October 3, 2012


received in the  inbox this week ....

"We are publishing a limited edition of a handmade book of facsimiles of some fantastic hand lettered practice sheets drawn by the great graphic designer and calligrapher Raphael Boguslav. Raphael was Christopher's father's best friend, and he died two years ago, at which point the Press made the first copies of this book as a tribute to him.

We've just launched a kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print this edition and take it to the CODEX fair in Berkeley this winter, and we're trying very hard to get this link out to as many book and calligraphy people as we can."

ahhhh good stuff eh?

want to read/learn more? here's the link to the kickstarter page >>>
practice makes perfect - the art of raphael boguslav

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